The successful completion of a brokerage assignment is dependent on the ability of the sales professional to effectively solicit prospective purchasers and/or tenants. The Gelcor Marketing Program features the following:

PROPERTY REVIEW A complete analysis of the subject property stressing its attributes and identifying solutions for its shortcomings.

CUSTOMIZED MARKETING PROGRAM Informative brochures and flyers, a well-targeted direct mail campaign and comprehensive follow-up and reporting are imperative for the successful transaction.

TRANSACTION FINALIZATION Gelcor serves as an expeditor throughout the transaction documentation process to ensure that prompt attention is paid to all details until completion.

Available Properties

Tenant Representation

Gelcor assimilates itself as an in-house member of the client’s real estate team to insure a seamless process featuring:

REQUIREMENT DEFINITION The physical and technical specifications of a requirement must be carefully defined to ensure the most efficient space design. Often this requires translating a clients in-house nomenclature to that used in the real estate industry. Specific geographic locations are defined by employee housing patterns, travel access and client interface locations.

MARKET REVIEW The identification of current and future availabilities combined with a thorough knowledge of their physical characteristics and ownership is crucial to choosing the optimal location.

NEGOTIATION AND IMPLEMENTATION Today’s competitive markets require the efficient processing of documents, planning and definition of construction specifications and implementation of the finalized agreements.

Buyer Representation

Gelcor has successfully completed a number of buyer representation assignments throughout the United States by focusing on the following:

INVESTMENT PARAMETERS Gelcor works with a client to assist in the definition of their investment criteria and to understand the investment decision-making process.

TARGET MARKETS Gelcor identifies geographic market areas to target for investment activity in accordance with the client’s Investment Parameters.

PROACTIVE SOLICITATION Gelcor seeks out specific properties that meet the client’s criteria and approaches ownership promptly and discreetly, often finding opportune potential acquisitions before they are widely offered in the marketplace.

Brokerage & Services

Gelcor provides expert merger and acquisition services for the sale of both large and small private practices. The owners of these practices often desire discrete, atentive and sophisticated representation. A sale of a practice can be arduous and emotionally stressful, but the calm, experienced and knowledgable advisors at Gelcor provide expert guidance every step of the way. Gelcor always obtains optimal economic results for its clients, while minimizing the stress of this challenging process.

Our merger and acquisition services include strategic development, business valuation, preparation of marketing documents, procuring of buyers and sellers, transaction structuring, handline of negotiations and coordination of the closing.